Allow us to present
our AI machine learning
failure prediction
algorithm for Smart
manufacturing platforms.

This is an AI machine learning failure prediction algorithm (flux, development amount, generator motor current, fluid vortex flow analysis, leak data sensing) system for remote, wireless irrigation equipment.

AI Machine Learning Algorithm

Long-distance remote monitoring system

Two-way wireless communication

This is a monitoring system that allows its user to monitor the status of valves and sensor operation (power generation, sensor pressure, flow rate) for each pipe channel.

Long-distance remote monitoring system

AI Failure Prediction Alarm

This product comes with an alert feature that sends an alarm so that users can investigate problems on the website when something has gone wrong in a waterway.

Remote monitoring can be used to judge potential failures remotely, helping users pre-emptively work to predict and avoid them.

Long-distance remote monitoring system

Highly Accurate

Developed as an AI failure prediction model, this product can be applied to all kinds of business fields.

User-friendly management, 100% high accuracy of learning results, and suitable model completion.

Area of Application

Predictions of requirements
and R&D optimization

Product demand / supply predictions

Product design and efficiency improvement

Classification of high-risk patient groups

Provides a personalized and
convenient user experience

Personalized tips or recommendations

CS using a virtual agent

Route/plan optimization service

Product/service cost
reduction and quality improvement

Warehouse/store operation automation

Optimize preventive maintenance

Process improvement such as errors/rework

Automated diagnostics and improved speed/accuracy

Optimization of product/
service promotion

Price optimization

Personalized promotion

Forecasting the demand for maintenance services

Adjust sales priorities


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