• 2021
  • 01. Patent registration for solid fuel and
    slow-acting compost using a mixture of biomass and Torrefaction material
  • 2020
  • 12. Participated in the 2020 Online Lyon Environmental Industry Exhibition
  • 11. Self-powered irrigation equipment driven
    AI machine learning failure prediction remote control monitoring
    Patent registration for micro-lead system and
    its operation method equipped with a fault handling device
    Registered a patent for a power converter
  • 10. Internet server link SW registered Sensor remote data transmission SW registered Valve remote control SW registered
  • 09. Quality management system certificate obtained (KSQ 9001) Selected as a R&D science belt Science-Biz Plaza business (Innopolis)
  • 08. Self-generation impeller (design patent applied for) Self-generation irrigation equipment system (design patent applied for)
  • 07. Selected as a 2020 voucher business supporting innovative growth in the Sejong area (Sejong TP) Factory registered Selected as a Smart Farm ICT Equipment National Standard Diffusion Business
    (Foundation of Agri, Tech, Commercialization & Transfer)
    Registered as a venture business
  • 06. Selected for the startup business package (K-water)
  • 05. Patents registered for self-powered equipment
    with a dual blade structure and a remote control system
    for a Smart Valve that utilizes this equipment
    System patent registration
  • 04. Recognized as a corporate-affiliated research center
  • 03. Chosen for agricultural food R&BD research and
    development results and outstanding business
    (Foundation of Agri, Tech,
    Commercialization & Transfer)
    Selected as a business supporting the commercialization
    of regional SW services in 2020-2021
    (National IT Industry Promotion Agency)
    Registered a patent for a self-generation Smart Valve remote control system
  • 01. Control method for stabilizing the power system connected to
    a constant output load and devices for performing the same
    Transfer of patent technology(Chungbuk National University)
  • 2019
  • 09. Selected for the Smart City Model City (Sejong)
    Innovative Business Foundation Promotion Industry
  • 08. Selected as a non-R&D project for fostering industrial
    cooperation in a wide area (advanced new materials)
    Selected as a follow-up growth support project
    for the Science Belt Functional District
    Transfer of patent technology for a small hydro power generation module
    that uses pipe flow water (Chungbuk National University)
  • 06. Selected as a socially customized LINC industry-academia-research joint business
    by Chungbuk National University
  • 04. Selected for 2019 agrifood R&BD planning support (commercialization plan) Selected for Sejong area S/W customized support Selected as an IP Narae business (self-powered Smart valve remote control system) Applied for a patent for solid fuel and
    slow-acting compost that mixes biomass and anti-carbonization material
  • 03. Selected as a business incubator for farming fields in 2019
    (Agricultural Technology Commercialization Foundation)
    Self-powered Smart valve remote control monitoring system
    technology guarantee fund (100 million won)
  • 02. Self-Powered Smart Valve Remote Control Monitoring System
    Excellent Technology Certificate (TCB)
  • 01. Automatic irrigation system, Transfer of patent technology
    (No. 10-1820093)(Rural Development Administration)
  • 2018
  • 11. Signed a long-term purchase contract with Donghae Co., Ltd.
    for a remote control system for self-powering irrigation equipment


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