Our knowledge and experience are unmatched!
At Donghae Eco Energy, we’re ready to be a leader in our field.

Our consistent production of self-powered (hydropower and solar power) remote control systems for irrigation equipment that satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers both domestically and abroad has been a result of our unmatched technology, experience, cutting-edge facilities, and skilled task force.

Donghae Eco Energy is a technological company in the style of the Green New Deal. At Donghae Eco Energy, we develop products that fit customer demands with integrated structures that allow two-way wireless remote monitoring by utilizing eco-friendly renewable energy such as hydropower and sunlight and supply those products both domestically and abroad.
In the biology field as well, we are currently constructing a commercial pipeline.

Using the experience we’ve accumulated over the years, our company produces ICT integrated technical products that offer countless uses in power plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, Smart Farm orchards/garden products, Smart Cities, skyscraper air-conditioning facilities, green parks, agricultural water, and the field of biology. Going forward, we plan to continue to develop new and better technology to repay the kindness and support given to us by our customers.

Thank you.

CEO Yeong-hwan Ham YoungHwanHam



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